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Why all boys?

The setting of an boys' school allows for the development of strong bonds of friendship and fellowship with peers and teachers. It is in this setting that friends are made for life and the impact of positive male role models can have its fullest effect.

A boys' school offers specialists who are experienced, well-educated, and know what is required for a successful educational experience. They understand boys and can offer the care and the challenge so that the right kind of support is offered for the growth of your son.

  • A school devoted solely to the study of how boys learn and develop.
  • A boys’ school will give your son the tools and materials specifically crafted for him at each of his developmental stages. A notable confirmation of this can be found in the provincial standardized exam results: boys’ schools outscore their co-educational counterparts.
  • With only fellow boys in his classes and on his teams, your son can excel physically and intellectually.
  • A curriculum that teaches systemic phonics at the primary level designed specially to teach young boys to read. Boys’ schools also have an excellent track record of getting their graduates into their next school of choice, be it high school or university.

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Young boys working on simple machines experiment.
Group of boys bonding at camp - friendship