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At Northmount we understand the importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul. We have extensive programming tailored to ensure your son is socially, emotionally and physically prepared to meet the challenges of being a child in today's demanding world


Like you, we know that boys need to move. With Physical Health Education classes every day, 4 supervised recess periods, and extra curricular sports, there is plenty of opportunity for the boys to get the exercise they need.

Click here for more information on Northmount's Physical Education programming


At Northmount, an advisor will meet regularly with your son to set goals, discuss issues, give guidance. and provide a listening ear.

Regardless of faith background, or where they are on their faith journey, we believe that a grounding in faith is a key factor in future happiness and wellbeing. We work with, and encourage, all students to explore their faith and strengthen their connection with God.

Click here for more info on Northmount's character programme and chaplaincy program.


School can be stressful for some students, but our academic support centre, The Castle, provides students with the tools they need to feel in control of their own learning. Organization, time management, emotional regulation, and learning strategies are taught. These equip them with essential habits for their journey as life-long learners.

For more information on the CASTLE program, click here.