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Service and Leadership

The tenet of service at Northmount School for Boys is central to the education of a young man. Becoming a leader does not happen by chance or natural ability alone. 

Northmount fosters programs, both internal and external to the school, that require our young men to pause and to act on issues. This requires of them a true sense of active generosity within our own community and beyond our walls.

It is the goal of Northmount School for Boys that its graduates be recognized not only for success, but more importantly as young men who are caring and possess a conscience about the world around him. This comes to fruition when he is able to not only look after himself, but after others as well.

Some of Our service projects include the following:

Bake sales
Canadian Food Bank
Christmas Baskets

Giving Tuesday
Good Shepherd's Refuge

Sick Kids Hospital
St. Francis Table
The Sisters of Life

Students uploading donations to a car

Northmount students loading school donations for a local charity.

Volunteer parents and Sister of Life with Christmas gifts donations

Dr. Sheridan and volunteers after wrapping the Christmas Baskets donations for the mothers that the Sisters of Life assist.

Food drive

Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Canadian Food for Children.