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Northmount School's 2023 Gala - “Violets and Violins” - May 6th, 2023

Northmount School for Boys continues to make a remarkable difference in the lives of its students because of your generosity. The Northmount Annual Gala is one of the School’s major fundraising and social events on our calendar. 

More than just a “school function”, the Gala brings the community together in the spirit of family, a founding principle of Northmount School for Boys. As we all know, when the family gets together they have fun, which is precisely the impetus behind our Gala evening.

In general, gala donations make a significant impact at Northmount and its ability to deliver quality education. The success of past
galas has resulted in the purchase of new Art, Music and athletic enhancements, the desktops in our computer lab, as well as the furniture, shelves and appliances in the school’s library and kitchen. This year, monies will be used to support the increased development of our instrumental music program, provide plastic boards for the school’s outdoor ice rink and more. 

Ultimately, gala fundraising helps to defray costs that would otherwise be realized through the further raising of tuition fees. Equally as important, this event draws our community together and reminds us that we are, at our very essence, a family school working together to educate boys in the Catholic tradition and to bring out the best in each one of them. 

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