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CASTLE Program

At Northmount School for Boys, we recognize the diverse leaming needs of our community. For that reason, we proudly offer the CASTLE Program: a centre of enrichment and support.

The acronym, CASTLE, stands for: Character, Academics, Athletics, Arts, Strengths (social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual), Toward, Leadership and Excellence. These are all traits that we hold in the highest of regard and truly believe that every one of the young Knights in our charge can reach his greatest potential in each and every one of these areas. Sometimes though, we know additional help and resources may be needed; hence we have the CASTLE Program!

Our skilled and trained CASTLE Program staff works with a wide range of students at all levels to ensure that the success and potential achievement of every student is attained. Not only does the program support the students, CASTLE faculty members also work alongside the teachers, parents, and other invested parties to co-create successful teaching strategies that are personalized for each boy.

The CASTLE Program is truly essential for Northmount as it helps address the needs of our students who are gifted, underachieving, ESL, or have other unique learning styles.