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Northmount is proud to offer a rich and well rounded Arts curriculum taught by specialists in their field.

Northmount School for Boys offers a variety of Arts for its students. These include music, visual arts, and drama. The boys have the opportunity to learn vocabulary, problem solving, and performing techniques that are unique to each discipline. The program allows students to explore and develop talents and interests in order to become self-reflective, self-disciplined, and self-expressive.


The visual arts program focuses on a variety of mediums throughout the year giving the boys opportunities to practice, experiment, and refine their techniques. Using a wide range of materials, styles and techniques, students are encouraged to have fun, experiment and explore. Experiential learning, with art field trips, are also incorporated into the curriculum. As a culmination to the student's year, the boys proudly display their work at the annual Art Show.



The music program gives opportunities for the students to create, perform, and appreciate a wide range of musical genres. Instruments such as glockenspiel and recorder are taught in the primary grades with guitar and keyboard introduced in the senior grades. All levels are involved with vocal training. The Primary, Junior, and Senior choirs compete in the annual Kiwanis Music Festival, and perform at events throughout the year. Beyond the classroom, students are given opportunities to express their musical talents through the Honour Choir and Pit Orchestra.


As part of the dramatic arts program, the students participate in three major performances each year, both in English and French - the Christmas Concert, Oratory Arts Oratoire Night, and the Spring Play. These events include; singing, acting, dancing, public speaking, and recitation of poetry and Shakespeare. There are also opportunities for behind the scenes work such as set design, sound, light, and stage management.

Dali clocks in clay - Grade 1 Art

Kindergarten Art

Fruits and vegetables portraits - Grade 4 Art