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Northmount School for Boys offers a multifaceted curriculum. Professional educators are dedicated to seeing students excel and upholding the highest standards of Northmount.

The key to the success of each boy stems from his ability to engage in, relate to, and master this enriched curriculum. This is the backbone of the Northmount experience and it is achieved by tailoring our approach around the following principles:

Direct instruction is an active, reflective approach to instruction that breaks learning into smaller steps through scaffolding. This results in greater student independence and mastery of concepts. The following are the main pedagogical techniques of direct instruction: guided practice, active student participation, scaffolding, and gradual release of responsibility leading to student independence.

ENriched individualized instruction

At Northmount School for Boys, the key to mastery fundamental skills stems from the ability to tailor the curriculum so that it is personally relevant and engaging. This is achieved through:

  • Recognizing that students come to Northmount with different backgrounds and as such our individualized instruction allows each boy to achieve their greatest potential
  • A kindergarten curriculum in which our students are taught to read, write, and do mathematics at a grade 1 level
  • Focusing on systemic phonics at the primary level designed specifically to teach an encourage young boys to read
  • Accelerating math and science courses each year
  • Pairing specialty teachers with small class sizes in each grade level which allows for increased personal instruction
  • Establishing the same learning goals for students and providing support through our CASTLE Program to accommodate different learning styles
Young boys working on simple machines experiment.