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Welcome (From the Headmaster)

The world’s next generation will need leadership from responsible individuals who are morally sound and whose values speak to the Truth. For boys who aspire to have character when men, the journey begins at Northmount.

Our school community finds its foundations in the teaching of the Catholic Church. Families of all faiths, however, are welcome as we see our school as a microcosm of society. We teach from a Catholic perspective and this informs how we teach, understand right from wrong, and guide our boys to manhood.

The family plays an important role in Northmount’s vision for education. As the primary educators in their children’s lives, parents are active in the academic, co-curricular and faith development of their boys and in helping them to develop character. The school seeks out opportunities to engage with the family to round out the experiences in a young boy’s life.

Our academic program is one of which our school community is extremely proud, and our dedicated teachers ascribe to pedagogy that focuses on the needs of boys using contemporary tools. As a single-sex school and with significant research to back this focus, Northmount ensures that boys develop the necessary academic skills to find success in high school and beyond.

Life at Northmount is further enriched by our dedicated faculty through a strong co-curriculum program. Boys learn as much outside of the classroom as they do while in it, and hence Northmount has strong offerings in the Arts, athletics and club environs after school.

We at Northmount are committed to helping each boy find excellence in all facets of his life. Working with families, we aspire to develop the leaders of tomorrow who are faith-filled, know right from wrong and recognize the need to help one’s neighbour as well as himself.

We would love to have the opportunity to host your family
for a visit. Please feel free to drop in and understand the “Northmount Way” during your search to find the right
school for your son.

Dr. Terence M Sheridan

School Head's Photo