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Mission and Philosphy

Our Mission: Inspire boys to explore and achieve their greatest potential Northmount School is a Catholic independent boys preparatory school (JK – 8). Northmount’s supportive environment helps boys achieve their greatest potential, emphasizing academic excellence, character development, values and service, which lead to a meaningful, balanced and fulfilling life.


Northmount School provides a sound, stimulating and coherent education to prepare boys in their development as responsible citizens. The School helps each student to reach his full potential, develop critical thinking skills, self-discipline, a respect for others, and a strong moral character. We recognize that the parents are the boys’ first teachers and thus we enter into a partnership between parents, students and the School to establish a rich and vibrant community life.

We deeply respect and are guided by our tradition, its spirituality, appeal to the common good, and its values. We are multi-cultural and our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our Catholic roots encourage a belief in the dignity of every person and a respect for a variety of faith traditions.

Our boys learn to support one another in a nurturing environment; one that is made possible by our superior and highly committed staff who are dedicated to implementing Northmount’s goals.