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Brotherhood, Faith, Knowledge, and Spirit.

Northmount is more than a school. An environment structured for boys' success.

Northmount School for Boys prides itself in offering each student who aspires to be a man of character the opportunity to do so. With the teachings of the Catholic Church as its foundation, Northmount provides a unique education which is focused on character development. Furthermore, as a "family school" and working hand-in-hand with parents, our committed faculty and staff help bring to fruition the potential of each young man.

Northmount believes in the uniqueness of each child and programming is tailored accordingly. In doing so, we successfully prepare our students for academic success at the next level of their journey, and we are proud to state that our graduates attend some of the top high schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

By choosing Northmount School for Boys you are providing your son with:
A school devoted solely to the study of how boys learn and develop.
An opportunity to build confidence in an accelerated program which allows for a seamless transition into the high school of their choice.